Time is Money

It is easy to say, difficult to practice. Most small business entrepreneurs have difficulty controlling their time. It is fundamental to organize your tasks and schedule.

Let’s start from the goal. With more time available, you will be able to exercise innovation, develop“out-of-the-box”thinking to see what is wrong and what can be improved. You will be able to be more connected and updated with trends, opportunities and threats. You will be able to have a more balanced life with leisure and with your family.

So, what should you do? There is no magic. But the best solutions for the worst problems are often the most simple.

Start with writing down the daily tasks that you need to do every day. Examples: read the news, read e-mails, reply e- mails, pay bills, verify bank accounts, verify stock, call suppliers, check with the staff if everything is ok, and so on.

Estimate how much time you need to accomplish those tasks. Verify where you can optimize your time, and organize the schedule to get it done. Start with only controlling the time spent. It is already a great step.

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