Wrong or Right Ethical Question

Much of the conflict and frustration people experience in their lives can be traced directly to their financial well-being or the lack thereof. A true sense of accomplishment is always found within our inner selves. We appreciate the recognition afforded us for a job well done, but the knowledge that something worthwhile has been achieved comes only from ourselves. So many people have been deprived of the experience that makes this possible. Accomplishment for many people means outside approval. Others approve; therefore, it must be good. When they hear nothing, they assume failure. This either prompts them to stop trying or to do anything for applause.

In more recent times, people have been more inclined to try to get out of work rather than to try to get something out of their work. This is understandable if it is seen as a symptom of the disassociation between person, process, and product. It is painful, in a psycho-spiritual sense, to commit our attention and energies to work that has no personal meaning associated with it. If we spend eight hours a day performing mundane tasks, at some point early in the process, our human spirit rebels. We want out. We daydream. We fantasize.

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