Thermometer Confidence Level

One of the most important characteristics that individuals need to thrive in the unorganized world is self-confidence. Too many people either have too much or too little self-confidence and neither is good.

Individuals need to believe in their own abilities and carry their own convictions that what they are doing is right for them. When approaching business or personal opportunities, self-confidence is a pre-requisite because it is not only dogs that can sense fear- it is communicated through our actions too.

A lack of self-confidence causes everything from the need to wear designer clothes to the need to manage- to put in control structures and hierarchies. It can generate a superficial life, where in the absence of any firm moral intrinsic values, the consumer vacant citizens will spend their life trying to hide their lack of internal self-confidence by trying to externally signal that they are a successful individual.

Of course, there is no room for arrogance. This is excessive self-confidence such that other people’s feelings are not taken into account at all. Learning is precluded because the arrogant person always thinks that they are right. You can be self-confident and know that you are right for you and the times. However, the self-confident person would smile, recognize the strength of their position and maybe attempt to educate and persuade, the arrogant person would simply dismiss that alternative viewpoint without even bothering to say why they are rejecting it.

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