Black Businessman

Grasping the reality of this current hard-hitting full-blown economic downturn and all-out crisis in your life is not an easy task. How you deal with it will determine your ultimate success.

I am proud of my identity and roots going from food-stamps-to-fortune. For me, being poor was never a factor that confined the person, rather just a temporary circumstance of sorts.

Each moment can change the rest of your life and the course of your direction. If you are not intentional with your actions, you will plan to fail. Successful people operate from the beat of their own drum, but they are intentional. Successful people don’t become successful by accident—it’s sheer, practical application of their talents and traits.

1. Hard Working: Running a business requires a lot of energy and drive. This involves the ability to work for long hours when necessary, to work intensely in spurts and to cope with less than a normal amount of sleep.

2. Self-Confident: To succeed, entrepreneurs have to believe in themselves and in their ability to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. This is often shown by a belief that “if you want something badly enough and are prepared to work at it, you’ll usually get it”.

3. Builds for the Future: the goal for most successful business people is to build a secure job and income for themselves, which is based on their own abilities. This means entrepreneurs understand that it may take several years to build up business income to a reasonable standard.

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