What’s the Best Age To Get Hitched? Is There A Magic Number?

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February 28, 2019
About Farrah Gray
March 6, 2019

About Farrah Gray

Although the divorce rate in the U.S. is quite high (nearly 50 percent), many people still opt to get married. In fact, it’s still considered one of the biggest days of a woman’s life.

There are some things that you can do to try to make your marriage a long lasting one, and one of those things is marrying at the “right” age. It’s not an exact science, but certain ages generally means certain things in a lady’s life and these things can make someone ripe to jump the broom.

Drum roll… 25.

Now here’s the reasoning behind it… money and education, not necessarily in that order, but definitely this combo at this age can make for a long lasting commitment.

At this age, you have probably completed college and gotten your degree. Statistics show that women with higher levels of education have a lesser chance of becoming divorced. Ladies who have earned certificates and degrees tend to be more confident and make better choices. They are less likely to settle and more likely to be more selective.

Also, by 25, women tend to be into their careers pretty good and are making enough money to support themselves. Again, they will be more selective in choosing a man since they know that they can take care of themselves and don’t need a man to, as Destiny’s Child once sang, “pay my bills.”

Women who marry after age 25 also tend to have experience managing money and so they come into a marriage with that capability, which can mean the couple is less likely to fight about money.

Since it’s likely a woman age 25 or older has been out in the real world for some time now, she is also likely to have some people skills that she picked up in school or in the workplace. Learning to be responsible, solving problems and juggling schedules are all skill sets that can also become assets in a long-term relationship.

By 25, a lady has had some experiences and is more likely to know what she wants. She’s clearer on her values and has goals in mind and will choose a partner that reflects her own tastes in life. She has already dated some duds and is less interested in the dude that looks good and is more interested in the dude that is good.

Of course, there are younger women that are smart and together, and there are older women who are ratchety and useless. But statistics show that divorce rates dip dramatically for those who wait until at least 25. Here are some numbers: Black women who marry at 18 have a 55 percent chance of divorce, while those 25 and older are only 38 percent likely to split up. The statistics for the all races show that while 48 percent that marry at 18 end in divorce, only 24 percent of those at 25 or older end in divorce.

By the way, ladies, these same studies say that the optimal time for a man to marry is 27-29.