Say What! 15 Things You Don’t Want To Hear On A First Date

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

So this fly guy approaches you while you are in line at Starbucks. You set up a first date. You are excited as hell because he was dressed to the nines, had a gorgeous smile and a body like Adonis. Or… you meet this to-die-for chic in the elevator at work and she gladly gives you her number. You set up a first date and go to pick her up.

So far, so good. But then…

“That’s what you’re wearing?”

“How many babies do you want to have?”

“Can you pay this time? I forgot my wallet.”

“So what where would you like to eat – Taco Bell or Mickey Ds?

“I love you.”

“My husband is in prison for assault.”

“I was born a man.”

“So what’s for breakfast in the morning?”

“I’m living with my mom to save money.”

“I just got out of rehab.”

“We should go back to your place after this.”

“You know what the problem with this country is?”

“Are those real?”

“Can we stop at Walgreens to pick up my prescription?”

“Are you on the pill?”