It’s Not You, It’s Me 6 Tips On How To Break Up With Him

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Breaking up with someone is never easy. It can be dramatic and it can be smooth, but usually someone is going to be hurt. And with all the new technology, unfortunately, people have found cowardly ways to end things, such as email, texting and social media.

You don’t have to be mean. And it will come back to you if you are… believe that!

If you are unhappy with your partner, there is no use in going on with the relationship. It’s going to be difficult whether you do it now or coast along waiting for the right moment. You are wasting time that you could be happy instead of being sad and dissatisfied. So make up your mind and get ready to drop the bomb.

Here are some tips.

• He should be the first to know. Don’t blab to one of your girlfriends and then she tells her girlfriend and then she tells his sister, and pretty soon you have a real mess on your hands.

• Not any day will do. Either do it on a Monday or on a Friday. If you do it on a Monday, then you know he will be busy at work and not have that much time to think about it. If you do it on a Friday, it gives him a chance to be with his friends and not affect his work. Which day to choose depends on what kind of person he is – if he’s sensitive and soft, Friday may be better so he can recover in time to go back to work on Monday.

• Do not break up with him at a restaurant or high traffic area. A park is OK because you can be secluded but also get loud if you need to. Make sure that wherever you choose, there is an easy exit route if things get too heated.

• Don’t dial and dump. Do it in person. Be decent and calm and give him a chance to protest. Doing it by text or email is cowardly and cold.

• Let him know it was a difficult decision, but you feel it is best. There is no need for anger or name-calling, as this will only rile him up and you don’t want your fight to end up on YouTube.

• Be determined. Don’t accept any whining or begging to reconsider. Men will say they will change, but we know they won’t. They may try for a while, but pretty soon he’s back to eating Doritos and drinking beer on the sofa all weekend long instead of doing things to build your relationship.

Be true to your heart. Eventually the break-up will pass for both of you and you will be able to move on by finding happiness as a single or continuing your search for Mr. Right.

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It’s never easy to break up with someone, but sometimes it has to be done. Just do it with civility and it will be better for both of you.