If The Shoe Fits… Things You Can Tell About A Guy From His Shoes

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

OK. We know the tendency for ladies to believe that they can tell a lot about a man’s, uh, ego by the size of his feet. And by checking out his shoes, there are some clues to whether or not you may want to walk a mile with him.

• Hiking or construction shoes or Timberlands. He’s a hard worker. He probably has some pretty good muscles underneath those jeans and that cotton shirt. He is active and a bit adventurous and will likely like a lady like that, too.

• He collects sneakers. Not just any sneakers. Ones that will be worth something someday, such as the first Air Jordans. It’s a sign that he is into sports and you should expect to make room for his bobble heads if you end up shacking up.

• More sneakers… beat up sneakers. He likes to play ball, probably in the park with his friends. He also may be a little broke, but he also tends to be a laid back kind of guy, so maybe cut him some slack. Just keep a can of Febreeze handy.

• Fancy, well polished dress shoes. He’s meticulous. He may also have been in the military. He probably actually reads more than the sports page, he knows wines and likes to look good. So be careful he doesn’t outshine you when you dress up for a night out on the town.

• Flip flops. When he’s home, he’s ready to relax. He’s happy doing simple things, like popping open a beer and watching sports. He’s not intense and he may be a little messy. But he’s usually the kind of guy who will do his part to keep a lady happy.

• Boat shoes or loafers. He may not own a boat, but these shoes are comfortable to him. He can wear them with jeans and he can even wear them to work. He’s usually a “don’t worry be happy” kind of guy that is easy to please and easy to get along with. Also, he tends to be financially secure.

• Sandals with socks. He probably has ugly feet. He’s not aggressive and he probably still lives with his mama!