Get Over It! 8 Ways To Recover From A Break-Up

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

You can fly around with that angry look on your face and brag to your girls how you are so over him. Or you can wimp around with a box of tissue and a tub of ice cream. No matter what, a break-up hurts and you need to mourn it yes. But now you also have to convince your heart that there are happier times ahead.

1. Take advantage of being single. There were probably things that you stopped doing because your man didn’t like them or didn’t want to do them. So now you can do them again, such as going to certain movies or concerts, taking that French class or planning a trip to Paris. Now’s the time to go ahead and refill your days with activities for the free and single.

2. Cut off all communications. There is no need to expose your heart to thoughts that you two will get back together. It’s tough to do, but it’s a necessary part of moving on.

3. Hide the hurt, at least from him. Stay away from seeing him if you can and do not let on that you are sad. Walk around with your head held high as if you are managing well by yourself.

4. Try to avoid his friends as well. They may mean well, but they are just going to remind you of him by saying things like, “We’re sorry he dumped you.”

5. Put the memories away. The photos, the gifts and the things that remind you of good times need to be put away somewhere where you don’t have to see them.

6. Stay busy. Go out with your friends. Pick back up an old hobby. Do not sit around and mope by yourself. You can bet he is not doing that!

7. Make new friends. The best way to erase painful memories is to replace them with new fun ones. Go someplace different, where no one knows your name and you can relax and have new experiences.

8. Win the game. Move on. Do what you have to do to come out on top. Be a winner. You loved and lost, so now you know what to do next time to make it better, better for you!

It’s not going to be easy. But in the end you will do what it takes to move on. It’s built inside of you to be a survivor. Make the most of the situation and get ready for the next adventure.