Black Is In, But Red Is Hot!

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

When it comes to dressing, black is classic and they say it makes you look thin. But if you want to attract the opposite sex and be desirable, get some color into your wardrobe. Oh yea. Red is hot, but it’s not the only color that can spice up your look.

• Red is definitely known to be good for expressing passion and sexuality. It goes back to Adam and Eve when Eve presented Adam with a shiny red apple. And it is so often used as the color of the sexy woman in films, such as “The Lady In Red.” Red lipstick, red shoes and even red hair are all considered sexy. (How many times have you heard a lady with red hair referred to as “that fiery redhead?”)

Even science has put a premium on red as the color of desire. In one experiment, men saw women against a red background, and also saw them against a white, green or blue background. The men said the women against the red background were sexy, hot and desirable.

The experiment went on with photos of women in different colored shirts, but the ones in red always won out as the most desirable to date.

You don’t have to go all out and wear red from head to toe. Apparently you can be subtler about it and wear just a red shirt or even just a red scarf tied or thrown seductively around your neck.

No doubt the color that you wear says a lot about you.

• Back to black… it’s considered chic, but it also indicates that your personality is timeless and you general carry yourself with authority. Think about it, ladies. When you put on that slinky black dress, it makes you feel confident and in charge.

• White is a sign of cleanliness and purity, thus the concept of the wedding dress, but we all know most ladies should be wearing red wedding dresses!

• Green is a sign of wealth, that you feel refreshed and also calm. It’s a sign of happiness and helps make the people around you feel happy, too.

• Blue is peaceful and loyal and soothing, both to the person wearing it and the people he/she encounters. It’s also recommended to wear blue to court if you want to be seen in good favor, as it is also associated with justice.

• Purple, believe it or not, is associated with luxury, sophistication and romance. It was no accident that a lot of royal families went with the color for their robes. It also says that you are creative and a free thinker. Seems purple fits Prince to a “t!”

• Brown says you are reliable, genuine and stable.

• Orange is the color of energy and exuberance. It’s perfect for social settings and falls right behind red and black as being attractive.

So next time that you are deciding what to wear, think about what message you want to send and choose the color that best suits your mood or situation. Go ahead ladies – you know you want to wear red today!