Be Your Own Lie Detector 8 Words That Will Reveal A Liar

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Is your man sweating after you ask him a question? Maybe it’s because it’s actually hot out or he just finished a strenuous work out. Or maybe it’s because his pants are on fire because he’s a liar!

Communications experts there are telltale signs or certain words that a liar will use that are surefire signs he’s not telling the truth.

2. “But.” A biggie in the liar arsenal. He will even use it to say he’s not lying. “I know you think I am lying, but…” It’s another move to minimize what he is about to tell you.

2. “Would.” Ask him, “Did you have lunch with your ex?” and see if he squirms and answers with, “I would never do that to you.” He’s overcompensating.

3. “By the way…” It’s a phrase liars use to try to give lesser value to what they are about to say. “By the way, I’m going to hang with the boys tonight.”

4. “I think…” I think I left the bar at 2 a.m. OK. Either he was too inebriated to remember, or he is hiding something.

5. “That.” If he uses it to say “That chic” “That car” doesn’t interest him, he’s telling one. By using the word “that” he is trying to separate himself from that person or item.

6. “Never.” He’s probably lying. Ask him, “Did you just wink at her?” If he says, “Never,” he is overdoing it. He did!

7. “Why would I do that?” How many times have you heard that as an answer to a question! He’s buying time to come up with an answer to your question.

8. “Yes ma’am.” OK. Some men are gentlemen, but they don’t usually address their ladies like that. He’s not telling you something.

These words aren’t etched in stone as sure ways to pick up lies, but they are common among the less truthful. So keep your ears open and be your own lie detector.