Are You Successful At Being Single? 5 Traits of Happy Single People

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February 28, 2019
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So your mom, your auntie, your Grams and even your pastor seem concerned that you aren’t married yet. They have all kinds of ideas of whom you should date and consider as a life partner. But you are not is a hurry. In fact, you are rather comfortable going solo for now. Here’s what’s special about you.

1. You won’t settle. You have standards and you are not lowering them just to have someone around. You know that if you “settle,” you just won’t be into that other person and the relationship won’t last anyway.

2. To thine own self be true. You hear it all the time. You need to change so you can meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. But you know it’s important that you stay genuine, so that when the right person does come along, he/she’s into you and not a façade.

3. You don’t mind being alone. Oh sure you like to hang out with other people and have fun. But it’s OK with you to go home by yourself or even stay in and watch TV or do what you do. Just to have someone around for the sake of just that is not your style.

4. You can be happy. It’s not necessary for you have a mate around in order for you to be happy. And truth be told, when you do find someone, you will be such a stable person, who wouldn’t want you!

5. You know it’s just temporary. You’re comfortable knowing there is someone out there for you. You are satisfied to take your time and be into you until the time and the person is right.

It’s not always easy being single, but it also has its rewards.