Are You Spending Too Much Time On Your Relationship? 7 Ways To Cut Down On The Overtime

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February 28, 2019
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You may love your boo, but yes, you can be spending too much time with him/her. Always being around the same person can be suffocating and actually harm a relationship. Everyone needs some “me” time. And here’s how to ease the pressure and get some alone time.

1. Take a class on a subject that you enjoy, such as yoga, cooking, dance or even (video) gaming. Just don’t get obsessive about it. But it gives you some personal time and perhaps a new skill, which will boost your self-esteem and confidence. And even give you something to share with your partner when you get home. “Hey, wait until I make this pie I learned about in class today!”

2. Go ahead and spend some time with your homies or your girls or even a sibling. Keep them updated on your life. It might even help them understand your partner better and be more receptive to him/her in social settings.

3. Don’t let past relationships dictate what’s going on with your current relationship. You don’t have to text him/her 20 times a day or be together 24/7. Relax. Don’t be obsessive and feel like you have to track every minute of his/her day. The truth is, if you don’t trust him/her, the relationship is going to fail or be challenging at best anyway.

4. Ladies, understand that men especially need a little space. Let him have a night out with friends once in awhile. And don’t complain if he spends a whole Saturday afternoon in the garage working on the car.  

5. Be more confident in yourself. Men do like a woman who knows what she wants. And boy do they like a woman who is not clinging to them 24/7. Same goes for the ladies. A strong man is very attractive. Don’t be wimpy and think you have to ask for permission to do everything. But do be considerate.

6. Take time for personal care, such as the beauty salon, the barbershop, a mani/pedi or the gym. It will make you feel good about yourself and who doesn’t want a partner that looks good?

7. Don’t give all of your time to that one person. If you have kids, you already know your time is divided, but you need to get away from them once is awhile, too. You have to strike a balance and divide yourself between your lover, your kids and yourself.

Too much time together can kill a relationship. Let it breathe and it will grow in a healthier way.

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There are things that you can do to cut down on the time you spend with a boyfriend/girlfriend that are healthy for you and the relationship.