Are You Ready For A Relationship? 8 Attitudes You Should Have

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

It’s one thing if you meet a great guy, but it’s another thing if you are ready for him. Maybe you are having a ball living the single life and are not really in the mood to have a steady. You could ruin a good man. So check yourself and see if you have these attitudes when it comes to guys and see if you are ready for a real relationship.

1. You are willing to put in the effort. You are willing to be consistent and interested in doing things on a regular basis with one person.

2. You will be OK with going with what he wants to do over what you want to do. That doesn’t have to be all the time. But basically, you must be willing to compromise.

3. You have to be a communicator. Men can’t read your mind – they shouldn’t even try to! At the same time, you have to be willing to talk to him and relay information in a positive way. Remember, you are trying to build something here.

4. You have to be willing to talk about the future, and it would be helpful if you had a plan in mind for yourself. Finishing your degree or starting your own business – it’s apparent that you have plans to do something with your life.

5. You are open to Mr. Right not being Mr. Perfect. He’s going to have flaws, and you should be ready to let the little things slide and accept him as a man and not Prince Charming.

6. You are not ready for a relationship if you are in the mindset that a man will complete you. You need to be a person that can stand on her own and be the navigator of her own ship to happiness. Strong women attract good men. If he wants a meek woman, he wants someone he can control. That’s not healthy.

7. At the same time, are you ready to blend your life into someone else’s? You should be willing to hang with his friends, be interested in his hobbies and be willing to support his career, at the same time that you are willing to share your interests, introduce him to your friends and expect support for your career.

8. You’ve left the luggage behind. You are over your ex. He is no longer a factor in your life (unless he is baby daddy and that is just contact for the kid).

Don’t play with a man that is sincerely looking for a committed relationship if you are not ready. Some day you will be ready and you will want one that hasn’t been ruined by a selfish, single, well, you know…