Are You Addicted To Sex? Signs That You Need Help

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Remember when R&B singer Eric Benet was married to Halle Berry and they broke up because he was a sex addict? And then there’s mega golf star Tiger Woods’ obsession with the booty. Sex addiction is a real phenomenon and it’s not limited to guys, either.

Some of it is psychological, but some of it is chemical. When we climax, we release a chemical in our brains, and yes, it can be addictive.

But the real signs come from our habits… now you have to be careful with this. Someone who is obsessed with porn or is a pervert is not usually a sex addict. It’s a combination of things. You are addicted when you constantly have a strong desire to do the nasty and are unable to control it to the point that it negatively impacts your life.

Here are some signals to watch out for.

• You have two lives. One is the normal you who goes about her business of taking care of the kids, going to work, visiting momma and enjoying a healthy relationship with your man. But there’s another part of you that cheats because you want the illicit physical contact, not because you dig this other dude. In fact, there’s more than one dude.

• You are obsessed with sexually based material. You love to go online to the adult dating sites and flirt and even set up outside encounters. It’s a secret, though. You hide it from everyone.

• You lie to your spouse or partner to go to strip clubs (yeah, women do that, too), X-rated movie theaters and other places that are only about sex. The point is not that you are going to these places as much as it is about the fact that you are hiding it from your man.

• Your sex drive is getting you into trouble and you don’t seem to give a rat’s butt about it. Maybe you are getting into exhibitionism or voyeurism. You know it’s wrong and you still do it.

• You feel bad afterwards. Guilt and even depression set in, but it only lasts for a while, until you are craving a hot encounter again.

It’s not a joke. It’s not healthy. It’s important that you seek professional help, or you could damage your relationships with your romantic partner, your family and friends and even in the work place.