9 Signs You’re Not Ready For Marriage

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

So he popped the question and gave you a fat, shiny ring. That’s doesn’t mean that you are actually ready to get married. Once the excitement quiets down, go somewhere and consider these factors. You are not ready to jump the broom if…

• Don’t fully trust your partner. That includes him being faithful as well as having the ability to be sincere about your happiness

• You are more into the wedding than the marriage. If you know more about wedding dresses than you do about your partner’s spending habits, marriage ain’t for you.

• You’re not ready to be a mama to his kids, the ones he may already have as well as the ones you might have. In fact, have you two talked about having kids? How many? When?

• You haven’t been dating that long. Studies indicate that the divorce rate is considerably higher for those who date for less than two years.

• You are not physically attracted to him. It’s a real important aspect of a successful marriage. Somewhere along the line one of you will stray if the sexual intimacy component isn’t in place.

• You aren’t ready to compromise. It can’t be your way all the time. And the truth is, if you have a man that caters to your every whim without question, that’s not good. Eventually you will lose respect for him or he will get tired of being your doormat.

• You have serious issues, such as an addiction or even a mental disability that is unresolved. Your partner can’t save you – you have to save you.

• You’re being pushed into it. Either he’s saying he wants to get married now or he’s moving on, or your family and friends are pressuring you with lines such as, “You’re not getting any younger.” It’s you who has to be comfortable and confident that marriage is the best thing for you.

• You are spending more than you can afford on your wedding. Once you are together, are you going to be mired in debt or worse, expect him to cover your debt? Entering into a union with a lot of personal debt is not safe, either, meaning if it falls apart, you don’t want to be in a position where you can’t afford to leave.

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You may love him and he seems wonderful, but you just may not be ready to tie the knot.