9 Habits For A Happy Relationship

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Whether you are in a committed relationship or actual marriage, it’s a challenge to keep it fresh and together. It’s not just the two of you – you often have to counteract outside forces as well. On order for a relationship to have a fighting chance, it has to have three things: communication, connection and intimacy.

Here are some straight up tips to help you keep your bond strong and happy.

• Say it with words. You don’t have to say “I love you” all the time, but you can say it in other ways. Analysts suggest expressing your love every day and early in the day with things like, “I’m glad we’re together” or “You mean the world to me.” You’re sending your partner out into the world with the knowledge that he or she matters.

• Welcome your lover home. It can be a big hug or a kiss or even just special expression. It’s important to stop what you are doing and recognize him or her in some way.

• Let him or her know you are appreciative. “Thanks for doing the laundry, honey” or “That was a great meal.” You would be surprised how those simple words can carry a relationship into another day.

• Bring up happy memories. Smile or giggle and then start off with something like, “Remember when you …” This about staying connected and recreating happy thoughts.

• Talk about things to look forward to, such as a trip or some remodeling work or the completion of something that will bring you both some relief or a sense of accomplishment. “I can’t wait until we go to Jamaica.”

• When you fuss, and it’s OK to do that, it’s natural – don’t work so hard to prove you are right. Look at it from your partner’s perspective and use less combative words. Instead of saying, “You moron, why did you do that?” Try, “Honey, I don’t understand what you were thinking.”

• Listen. Sometimes your boo just wants to be heard and sometime he or she is looking to you for a solution. Do not minimize the issue or make him or her feel worse. Listen and offer support and encouraging words.

• Have fun. Don’t stop doing the things that made you laugh.

• Be creative. Try new recipes. Cut your hair a different way. Show that you want to be in this relationship by doing things to keep it interesting and also by showing him or her that you want to be in it. That could mean ordering a comedy from Netflix instead of the latest end-of-the-world flick.

Look, it’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either if you just get into some habits that keep your partner interested, satisfied and looking forward to another day with you.

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Being happy in a marriage or committed relationship doesn’t have to be a massive challenge if you practice some simple habits.