8 Ways To Heat Up Your Love Life

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Doing the horizontal mambo can be an intricate and exciting part of any relationship. But it can get dull and will need a stroke of excitement now and then. Here are some surefire ways to set your love life on fire.

1. Talk dirty or have him talk dirty to you. If it seems difficult to do while looking at your boo, do it with the lights off.

2. Start early. Begin the day by sending him sexy texts with scintillating messages, such as “Can’t wait to get you in the bedroom tonight.” He’ll probably leave work early, so be ready!

3. Try a new bra. Don’t go to the department story – go to a risqué shop or Victoria Secret. Get something hot and wild, and don’t worry if it’s uncomfortable – it’s not going to be on long anyway!

4. Put on some heels. Men love women in heels. In fact, you don’t have to wear anything else!

5. Try some toys. You don’t have to be kinky. It can be as simple as feathers or a silk scarf, or as wild as handcuffs or a vibrator.

6. Pretend you are other people, or role play. Men love to see their ladies dress up like nurses or school girls.

7. Sweeten it up. Break out the whipped cream, chocolate syrup, honey or other delectable. Just be ready to get a little sticky.

8. Play a sexy game, such as naked Twister or strip poker. It will be a night of gaming where you both win!

Just have fun and enjoy the physical pleasures of your relationship.

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Your love life doesn’t have to be dull and boring – it can be fun and exciting again with just a few props.