8 Moves That Will Kill A Relationship

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

You are sure he/she is into you. It’s a relationship! Here are eight bonehead moves NOT to make if you want it to last.

1. Needy baby greedy baby. Don’t become too dependent. Don’t abandon your friends and family and depend on him/her for all of your emotional needs. It’s dangerous and honestly, it’s unattractive.

2. Great expectations – it’s not just the name of a movie, it’s a relationship killer. Of course you should expect certain things: respect, civility, etc. But don’t think your relationship is a cure-all. And surely don’t expect your lover to lavish you with gifts, even if he/she got it like that.

3. Remote control – don’t hog the remote control, meaning don’t be the one making all the decisions all the time.

4. Jealousy. This is a big no-no. First of all, it’s scary. And it’s not healthy. He/she is going to have friends and family that he/she will want to spend time with, too. Slow your roll. Don’t be possessive.

5. Flirting with other people. It’s not nice. It’s disrespectful. It’s most likely to piss off your date and start a fuss. All for what? Make sure that you and your partner have boundaries and you know what makes him/her feel uncomfortable.

6. Boring. Be a little spontaneous now and then. Don’t be so predictable all the time and put your relationship into a rut.

7. Expecting change. Oh what a big killer! Do not expect your mate to change for you. Like and love ‘em for who they are, not what YOU think you can turn him/her into.

8. Ultimatums. “If you don’t do this, it’s over.” It will be. Communicate your concerns or wants. Don’t be demanding. If there’s a problem, be supportive without being pushy.

A good relationship is a balance act and one of compromise on the part of both people. Don’t commit murder and kill the buzz before it has even had a chance.