8 First Impressions Guys Look For

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

It shouldn’t come of any surprise to ladies that men are initially attracted to women via their physical appearance, but that does not mean all men are looking for the Tyra Banks super model type. Different strokes for different folks. Some men do like thick women, come like them curvy, etc.

But it’s the first five minutes that count the most. That’s the time you have to use your physical appearance first and then your personality to “reel him in.”

Here are some characteristics that men say they tend to notice when they first encounter a woman.

• A woman’s shape. Relationship guru Dr. Paul Dobransky says men look at curves and shape. And he won’t hide it, either. So don’t be surprised to catch him looking you up and down when you enter his space.

• A woman’s attitude. Men love a woman with confidence. Her posture, her ability to look him straight in the eye and her air of confidence are all traits men will be attracted to.

• Her smile. Subconsciously, men are drawn to certain smiles. Some like sweet and genuine, while others like a mischievous look.

• Your girls. Oh yea. He is checking out whom you hang with. He will be intimidated by a large group of women, but will approach a lady in a trio. If he’s rejected, at least he knows the giggles will be at a minimum.

• A woman’s hair. They like well kept hair that smells good. So make sure your weave is fresh! In fact, research shows that men notice your hair before they notice what you are wearing.

• Your makeup. Keep it light and natural looking. And wear lipstick. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be bright red, but he will notice moist shiny (yet natural) looking lips.

• The butt and the bust. Yea, you knew that was coming. But be cool about it. That doesn’t mean you should wear spandex or a shirt that leaves nothing to the imagination. Do leave something to the imagination. And remember, some guys like a handful, while others go for the melons.

• Your bag. Yep. He will check out your purse. If you are lugging around a big ol’ bag, no matter if it’s Gucci or not, he will take that as a sign that you are high maintenance and that you are also materialistic (that you need a lot of things). So when it comes to bags, bigger is not better.

So ladies, look your best and show that smile, whether you are going to the super market or out with your crew. You never know when you are going to encounter “the one.”