7 Ways To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Relationships are hard enough to navigate when you both live in the same community, and they can become even more challenging when it’s a long distance hook up. Here are some tips to help you and your book survive and go the distance.

• Make sure that you both agree that you are going to work at it. Don’t go off thinking he’s going to wait for you – make sure that you have discussed it and both parties have both feet in.

• Make time. You have to set aside time everyday to communicate without a lot of distractions.

• Talk about your day, ask about his – discuss things that will make you both feel like you are a part of each other’s lives.

• Visit. Don’t just show up. Actually planning a visit can create excitement in itself. And trade off… he visits one month and you go there the next time. Don’t make it a lopsided things or it could create resentment.

• Plan to be able to spend time when he does visit. Organize your schedule so that you can make best of the time you will be together.

• Do things that lets your boo know that you miss him. Make a CD or send him something homemade (such as cookies) that can handle a journey via the mail or UPS. Cards are nice, too.

• Don’t worry too much. You are going to have to have a pretty good level of trust for this too work, so don’t fret and don’t blow up his phone trying to figure out who, what, where, why every minute of the day.

• Don’t be afraid to be naughty on the phone or with Skype. If you had a physical relationship before the separation, this is important to keep that physical bond going.

You have to want this to be able to pull it off. It’s important that you respect and trust him or it’s not going to work.

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Relationships are difficult and especially so when distance is involved. But they can be successful by following some simple rules.