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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

It’s complicated. Making relationships work, especially romantic relationships, is probably the toughest challenge we face in our daily lives. And when your man or lady strays, it’s even harder.

But maybe if you understand why a partner cheats, it will help you prevent it. Don’t get it twisted, though. Some partners are habitual cheaters and you aren’t going to stop them with a ring on the finger. And honestly, you can only be responsible for you. But let’s look at the reasons experts say spouses cheat.

1. Someone in the relationship, maybe both, stops trying. When we meet someone and as the dating process progresses, we put out best foot forward. But sometimes, we get into a habit of not doing the little things our partner is used to. There’s an emotional disconnection and someone suddenly feels unappreciated.

2. Hey guys… how many times have you heard this line? “The best defense is a great offense.” Well, apply it to your relationship, too. And ladies, this is an attitude for you to adopt, too. Don’t wait for your partner to initiate physical activity, and it doesn’t have to be about making love either. Go on the offensive with things that you can do together. Nurture the bond.

3. Check your mate. Seriously. Statistics show that there are certain types of people that are more likely to stray from home. They include those who suffered sexual abuse, thrill seekers, those who have been married more than once before and people who have mental issues, such as depression or other psychological issues.

4. Morals. Some people don’t have good morals, so cheating is not a big thing to him/her. And consider this: if he/she is the kind of person that betrays family and friends, what makes you think he/she won’t betray you?

5. Opportunity. Oooooh. That’s right. Sometimes if someone thinks he/she has an opportunity to get away with it, he/she will do it.

6. Once a cheater, well, was the behavior really corrected? Did the cheater take responsibility for his/her actions, or make excuses.

7. Women cheat just as much as men, but their reasons are more dangerous as a general rule. While men cheat (usually) for physical satisfaction, women tend to cheat to fill an emotional need, and that automatically spells trouble for a marriage or committed relationship.

Know your partner before you move in or jump the broom and take care of the relationship, and that goes for men and women!