7 Things A Dude Does When He’s Serious About You

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

It’s one thing if a guy likes you, but is he really into you? Is he serious and want a committed relationship? Here are some indicators that he is serious.

1. He apologizes for being late or not calling you back when he said he would. He is concerned about what you think of him and he tried to keep his word, and says he’s sorry when he doesn’t, and… provides a viable explanation. “I couldn’t pick up your call because I was in a meeting with my boss.”

2. He wants to help! He doesn’t run when you mention moving or having to do something. A man who is into you will look for ways to help you so he can be around you. “I can fix that chair for you.”

3. He remembers things that you mention and follows up by asking about them. For example, if you had mentioned you had a performance review coming up on your job on Friday, and when he sees you on Friday night, he asks you how it went, that’s a winner! He is into you.

4. He introduces you to people. When you are out and encounter friends or family, he does not hesitate to say, “Hey, this is my lady Deondra.”

5. He makes real plans with you. He thinks ahead about things you can do together. If you’re just an affair, most of the time he spends with you is spur-of-the-moment. A guy that is truly interested will plan and ask ahead of time.

6. Your career matters to him, too. He genuinely wants you to be happy. He may offer to help you study or learn a new app you need for your job. He is supportive and encourages you to move forward.

7. He likes and offers affection. He will hold your hand in public, put his arm around you while you’re watching a movie or TV and welcome hugs and kisses from you.

Men know when they like a lady and they will show it consciously and even unconsciously. Watch for these signals that he is in to you.