11 Methods To Make Him Miss You

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Ever see one of your guy friends go goo-goo over a chick? He seems smitten and it’s almost sickening how much he swoons for her and seems to live off her every word. Chances are that this lady is smarter than you give her credit for and she has been using some age-old methods to make her man mad for her.

That damn phone. It’s worst than ever now that there is also texting and you can check your email or social media from anywhere with you phone. But stop it. Just stop it. Stop holding onto your phone as if you need a blood transfusion and it can only come from your phone when he calls. Seriously. Let it go. Let it breathe.

Try some of these – oh we hate to use this work – tricks to make him want you and call you more.

1. Play the mysterious card. Don’t feed him every detail in one fell swoop, or even two. Some questions leave unanswered or tease with an answer like, “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you,” or “You’re not ready for me to answer that.”

2. Really do listen. If he tells you something on the first date, like how he’s nervous about a presentation or a test, ask him about it the next time you see him or hear from him. It’s all about him. Be sincere and supportive so that he is eager to share his accomplishments or events of the day with you.

3. A friend once said, “Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed.” Keep your expectations to a minimum or at least to yourself. A demanding chick is usually a chick that is alone or married to a wimp that she is divorcing.

4. Don’t be like a high school girl and wait until he hangs up. Do it before him. It’ll freak him out, especially the handsome, full-of-himself kind.

5. And don’t answer the phone on the first ring!

6. Smell good. Seriously. Don’t put so much perfume on that it burns his eyes, but do take the time and explore some different scents for the one that makes you smell sooooo good. When you go to the mall, look for a male salesperson or even ask guys as they are passing by what they think of a fragrance. You may like Bey’s line but good ol’ Chanel No. 5 makes you smell oh so clean! Experiment and find your scent.

7. Leave some of your scent on him. If you dabbed some on your wrist, make sure you somehow subtlety touch or rub your wrist on him. This can be done when he leans in to kiss you good night and you gently touch his shoulders or embrace him. He will smell you all night and you will be on his mind like white on rice.

8. No last minute dates. You can’t give him the impression that you are sitting by your phone waiting for him. You have a life of your own, and it’s exciting and you can’t drop everything to be with him.

9. Say his name, well, in a sexy way, especially when you can’t or aren’t going to see him that night. Say it breathlessly, as if you were in the middle of foreplay. No joke. Make him think about you when he’s not with you.

10. Compliment him. Don’t be phony. But it can’t hurt and will actually help to boost his ego a bit now and then. If he thinks that you want him, that makes him want you more. Be cool with the compliments. Say things like, “Wow, that color makes you look hot.”

11. Make the love making hot (once you get that far). Participate. Say his name. Do not stay. Go home and he will think about you all night.

Ladies, make him work for it a bit. Men love the hunt. Don’t always make it so easy and put that damn cell phone away for once!