10 Ways To Flirt Without Saying A Word

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Maybe you are in a dance club or a loud room. Perhaps you’re on a crowded train. There are ways to let someone know that you are interested without saying a word.

1. If you’re on a bus or a train, grab (gently!) his arm as if you need his support to stand steady.

2. Dance with him, and look at him while you are doing it.

3. Hold eye contact for at least three seconds. Don’t do it too long, though. That will be creepy.

4. Run your hand through your hair or if you have long hair, you can eve flip it. Guys love nice hair and running your fingers through it as an added element of sexual appeal.

5. Lean into him just enough that some part of you – a hip, an arm, a tata – rubs against him.

6. Smile at him. And if he smiles back, you’re in like Flynn!

7. Touch his arm or shoulder. Do it to point to something, like the line is moving or to show him something happening in the area. You don’t have to say a word – just smile when he looks at you or motion with your eyes.

8. Move a bit to the music you are hearing or listening to on your phone or iPod, and look at him and just ever so lightly smile – don’t even open your mouth – just go with a light grin.

9. Eat an ice cream cone or lick the foam off your latte right in front of him. Wanna drive him extra wild? No so accidentally get the ice cream or latte on your lips and lick it off while looking right at him.

10. If you have been introduced to him at a social setting but there’s been no chance for private conversation, when you or he are leaving, make that hug very warm and a bit longer than usual.

It’s on you to use your eyes, your hands, your body and even your lips to send the right signals to initiate verbal contact.