10 Body Signals To Watch For From Your Man

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February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019

Let’s talk about what a man’s body language says when he first meets you. We’ll look at the signals and what they mean as you date on a regular basis.

1. The palm – dude extends his hand palm up. When this happens, rest assured that he is in to you. He is actually reaching out to you to make a connection. And what’s cool about this, whether or not you know it, your brain will recognize the move and you will literally feel the warmth of the gesture.

2. Handy man. If he uses his hands a lot when he talks, he’s probably a good communicator, and, it’s also a sign that his hands are useful when (or if) you do the dance with no pants.

3. Hand holder – this is a good thing. That’s a signal that he is willing to let the world know you are his and that he does want a relationship.

4. Long kisser – if his kisses last like 10 seconds or more, he’s already gotten busy with you in his imagination. It’s usually also a sign that he is intense in the bedroom.

5. The leaner – he wants to be intimate. Guys tend to stay about a foot or more away from their date, but when they start to lean in and get into your space, he wants to connect on the physical level.

6. The laugher – he’s a keeper. He’s relaxed around you and being himself, which is often a sign that he wants a relationship with you.

7. The pecker – he’s a light kisser. He may just kiss you on the cheek when you are dating or just give you a light pick. He’s the sensitive kind.

8. The groper – need we say more? This is the one who is touchy feely all the time and yes, he will do you anytime, anywhere.

9. The stroker – he’s the best of two worlds. He will rub your back or strike your hair. It means two things – he wants to get physical, but it also shows that he cares.

10. Hand sitter – he’s nervous. If he sits on his hands, he’s worried that he might say something stupid and tick you off.

A lot of these gestures and moves guys do subconsciously. So keep an eye out because it’s quite true – actions speak louder than words.