Success Timing Ability Opportunity


Are you a butcher, baker or a candle stick maker? Your ideas at first may not appear to you as “big” ideas that can go to market.

A young man living and working near a college campus could see the opportunity wanting to open a small chicken wing restaurant. What is great about his idea? He was selling “the sizzle” and not “the steak” with 18 different hot sauces flavors to choose from, which kept the college students coming back for more. When I arrived in Jackson, Mississippi for our meeting and taste test, I was convinced along with him that he has every opportunity for market entry product success.

Success can’t be the goal. It is not the hope of a great achievement or a plan to accomplish a specific goal. Rather, success is an attitude that affirms worthiness of who you are and the things you are doing. It is an attitude that keeps you open to new discovery and continual growth.

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