Stop Settling And Start Living


4 Steps To Get Your Career Started

It’s your life. You only get one. Don’t waste any more time. Find out what you love to do and start making plans to make it happen.

1. Make A Hot List
Get a pen and paper. Now sit down somewhere comfortable and think. When was the last time you were super happy doing something? What was the last activity that totally absorbed your train of thought and locked you in for hours? And when you were done, this activity made you feel warm and accomplished.

It could be cooking a big meal, designing the perfect outfit, writing your sister’s resume, mending a broken fence or strategizing on an online marketing plan to help your uncle sell his paintings. If that 9-5 is grinding your gears, think about what you truly would like to be doing instead.

2. Do The Research
Once you choose a career path from your hot list, it’s time to gather all the information you can. Talk to people already in that field. Google, search and read as much as you can find on the subject. Does it require more schooling? How much will it cost? How long will it take? What does the market look like in terms of need, profitability and lifelong opportunity?

Nothing worth having comes easy. Take the time to really look at the situation from all the angles.

3. Re-Examine Your Choice
Once you have gathered all the information you can find on your career path choice, reflect back. Does the information you’ve gathered match your perception?

Think about comments others already in the field have made and how their lifestyles were impacted. Look at the financial implications for the short and long term. After re-evaluating what you have learned, are you still hot to trot for this career?

The time is now to decide whether this career path still appeals to you.

4. Nike Say’s ‘Just Do It’ We Say ‘Get It Innnnn!’
Sign up for training, classes, seminars… whatever it is you need to do to make your move onto your career path. Network with others in the field. And don’t be afraid to volunteer to work around those already doing what you want to do. Not only will you pick up skills, you’ll also create opportunities for yourself down the road.

Most important, stay positive. The dream is alive and kicking.


  1. propheticgirl says

    This article has rekindled my fire for more & seeking God on what he truly wants me to do & I will be happy doing it! Thank you for this

  2. Maurice says

    Great read!

    Inspire yourself to be great!!

    Greatness being defined by one’s own happiness and joy!!

    Peace&blessings …

  3. says

    I am more than a conquer, I believe in knowing my self worth. I believe in making things happen in my life , and in the lives of others.l know that I have many books in me that I have’nt written and many ideas that is yet to be presented. I am thankful for your wisdom that will help me to develope the God given talents that I possess.

  4. Latrice says

    I have spent the past 20 years just working . This article has inspired me to seek my passion and make a change so that I can Live and not just exist.

  5. Fredericka says

    Thank you for this my passion is kids so im going back to school to get my early childhood degree so i can open my own child care center. Please pray that all goes well for me.

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