Ladder to The Goal Concept

You know you have to eat to stay alive; I don’t have to inspire you to do that. But you may not know exactly what to eat—what foods to put in your mouth that can optimize your health and longevity. The same holds true when offering advice on success. You need a strategy. You need some hand holding. It’s like getting into a car. Even though, the mind provides a powerful navigation system (if not the most powerful!), people still prefer to have a point-to-point map. They want confirmation that taking a left turn here is okay. They also need a destination. Not many people are willing to start driving, if they don’t know where they are going. But, how bad can that be? Have you ever gone for a drive with no set course or final destination in mind from the start and had a glorious time nonetheless? That’s what life should be like. Unfortunately, people think they need an actual guide to live by. They seek structure, a reliable plan, an accurate roadmap. They need to know if they do this, then things will be okay. And, that they will be successful.

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