Stay on Target

Recently, I toured the Cape Coast Castle, its giant stone arch gateway bullied by the thick impenetrable Door of No Return. In 1780, it was sites like this for many thousands of Africans, the terrifying journey to America began a life of bondage and slavery. Nestled on the island tip of Gorée off the coast of Senegal, lies what became known as “The House of Slaves.” What a painfully ironic beginning for people that held the spirit of entrepreneurial legacies from the First Lady Michelle Obama to Honorable Percy Sutton to Oprah Winfrey, all descendants of slaves. Despite the horrid circumstances, we find inspiring stories such as Oprah’s great-great-grandfather Constantine Winfrey, a former slave, able to earn freedom amid the difficult and dangerous years after fighting for Emancipation.

The embodiment of being an entrepreneur is much greater than simply making money. It requires self determination through the personal choice of taking action, responsibility and supporting others in need. This is the process of becoming rich from inside out – the definition of Reallionaire. Such inner spirit is found by loving and respecting yourself, then sharing it with others. There should be a determination to pursue the gifts GOD provided us and unique talents to improve the lives of family, friends and community.

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