The Schtick Hit the Fan With Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Kicks Off LIPSHTICK

One thing Wendy Williams is not allowed to do on her radio or television show is curse. And that’s one thing that she got off her chest quickly as she premiered a new comedy series at the Venetian in Las Vegas called Lipshtick. You’ve heard these words before, but coming out of her mouth with such abandon and passion added a whole new meaning to each and every one of them.

The Schtick series features many of the biggest female names in comedy, such as Rita Rutner, Loni Love, Lisa Lampenelli and Caroline Rhea.

Actually, Williams is relatively new to stand up comedy, so her breaking in this new series says a lot about her courage and fortitude.


Well, the lady delivered! She had the place rocking and rolling with laughter from the get-go. She held her own like a seasoned comedian who had been doing this for years. And she also looked great, too! People in the audience were telling her how good she looked.

Like any great comic, she talked about real life experiences growing up in New Jersey and twisted them into hilarious tidbits. That’s the mark of a true comedienne – being able to make fun of life to the delight of an audience.

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