Principles For Starting A Successful Business


A business plan. An elevator pitch. A website. A means to track spending and profits. Time. Money. Sweat equity. None of these, however, means anything if you don’t know what kind of business you want to run.

Starting a business sounds scary, but before you can even do that you have to get past the first step, which is often the hardest (yet doesn’t require a single penny): figuring out exactly what you will found. The good news is two simple questions can provide you some answers right away—or at least give you a launch pad.

The first (Question #1) is asking yourself, What comes easy to you but harder to others? Take a moment to think about all the things you do well—better than most others. Certainly you have at least one or two things that you do particularly well, and which get other people to notice (and perhaps compliment you). What natural abilities do you have that you may be able to make a living doing?


  1. Dora Walker says

    This is valuable information. It is uncanny how much your advice sounds like thoughts I have had for years but seldom voiced. Now, I think this message of identifying innate skills and abilities and matching them with possible careers should be shared in every high school in America.

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