Product Retail Cycle

You can make money at everything and in everything. Many times we don’t realize the simplicity in ideas and concepts. Reality Check: Ideas in action make money, nothing else.

Just look around you. Everything that we touch and admire or use is something that someone has created—and that you likely bought. Entrepreneurship is all about the laws of supply and demand. You find the demand and fill the void with supplies. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a tangible thing or a sage piece of advice based on years of formal schooling, as in the case of professionals like lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers, PhDs and the like. It can be your expertise based on experience alone in an industry you’ve been a part of for a long time. (Note how close those two words are: expertise and experience.) It can be a widget you craftily whip up in your basement or a secret family recipe you bake up and package beautifully to market. People have made successful businesses out of selling water. And there are plenty of people who simply have the idea but not all the critical know-how to live out their ideas on their own. Those types find others with whom to partner or hire and make the idea come alive—and with a greater chance of success. All entrepreneurs confront unfamiliar territory in the journey and that’s when you reach out to others.

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