The great thing about New Year’s resolutions, June weddings, and August Back to School is that it offers everyone a chance to clean their slate and start new beginnings.

canvas,brushes and easel

It’s time for you to become the da Vinci of your own new self portrait.

The self-portrait journal is designed to share the steps, methods and eternal truths that empowered me to discover my values, goals, purpose, and ability to achieve results and experience profound fulfillment. Do them at your own pace. There is no time limit. They deserve your undivided attention.

Creating your Owner’s Manual will help you to understand how your life works and why parts of it may not be working. This exercise will help you achieve dramatic new levels of success in all areas of your life and to truly become rich from the inside out.

First, what does being rich from the inside out mean to you?

For me, being rich from the inside out means being aware of the great wealth and value that you posses naturally – with or without material gain. It means recognizing your talents and putting them to work to attain what your heart desires. This is my real meaning of success. That doesn’t mean it has to be yours, but remember: We often mix up the dream with what it takes to achieve the dream, and that can sometime throw off the definition of success. Let’s talk about dreams.

My dream is to

If I could have any wish come true it would be

I wish I were

I wish I had

The thought of living a dream life seems like a fairy tale to many people, but the reality is that if you can live the life, you have always wanted just by knowing your real purpose. Once you change your mind about what’s possible, you’ll change your life.

Soul Searching
How well do you know yourself? Are you on the right path? What are your values? Your values are what you deem worthwhile or desirable.

This is the key to your value system. These are the factors that will drive yo to your purpose in life. Now let’s talk about the less positive things. Let’s ask: What do you want to change in your life and why?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. And there’s nothing wrong with admitting that your life hasn’t been a bed of roses. Everybody’s got baggage! But how much of that are you still carrying with you? How big is your luggage? Can it be seen from a mile away? Is it a high end matching set? A little bit of baggage is reasonable. By a little bit, I mean the size that can be stowed underneath the seat in front of you, not the size that takes over the whole overhead bin!

Whether you are aware of it or not, this baggage is like an emotional vampire, sucking you of energy and success. Until you empty your luggage, you will never find that true prosperity, genuine happiness and a lifetime of success will never be within your grasp.

Know Who You Are…From The Inside

Your purpose is your passion. It is who you are. It is what you must and will do no matter what. It is what’s going to allow you to commit to getting what your heart desires. Who are you? What scripts have society, family, and friends written in your memory that you identify with or answer to? Is this who you are? For better or worse, the answer is yes. This who you are. If you want to be something else, you have to change the script.

Often we define ourselves by what we do instead of who we are; yet who we are compels us to do what we do. Is a great lawyer great because he is compelling or is he compelling because he is great?

When you define who you are, you will be able to align your vision with your true self, thus your true calling. You will be great because you will move in the direction that is native to your soul. So here are the important questions:

The three words I would honestly use to describe myself are

The three words I’d like to define me are

“You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.” — Leonardo da Vinci


  1. Joy says

    I know as long as I’m breathing its never to late for me to find my passion and purpose. I do know I have a lot to offer in terms of inspiring people I have done it over the years simply by communicating with them I have the gift to motivate. Unfortunately, I am an extreme introvert and I have communication/ trust issues. I come from a long line of respected preachers but religion is not my passion. My passion is to open others up to there own true potential that God has designed in us all so we can live an abundant life. I have to do the work I know to unlock my true potential and break down the walls of fear and self doubt. Thank you Dr. Gray for sharing your gifts and experience with me and others like me who desire success, but have obstacles to overcome to achieve it.

    • Carla says

      Hi Joy! I hope you don’t mind me chiming in on your comment but it reminded me of a place I used to live in. The thing that helped me go beyond that point was when I learned to trust myself and my own judgement. As people, we tend to not trust because we’ve been hurt before and don’t want a repeat of that. Once you learn to trust your own judgement you’ll learn that you can control what people do to you by how you respond to it or them. I’ll be honest and tell you it wasn’t easy nor was it a quick lesson. It took practice and time for me learn from my mistakes, but thats key. Don’t beat yourself up when you judged a person or situation, learn how to not repeat that same mistake and do better if ever faced with that same thing. Just know that the obvious feed back your getting from people, I’m referring to the same comments from different people that don’t know each other is not a fluke! It’s your value! It’s apparent you have gift and your trying go find your way to use it. My final and most important comment is: it’s more than okay to forge your own path in life, it’s your destiny! Fabulously Carla!

  2. sharonmack says

    I have just read New Beginnings payoffs. You have touch my soul with become the da vinci of your own self portrait. I have found an talent of painting during an stressful time. Not knowing I was constructing a nother ave of income. But that wasn’t the thing that Dr.Gray that ministerd to me. You stated to achieve results and experience profound fulfillment. One must give attention to their values, goals,purpose and abilitys. They deserve my undivided attention. That’s an opening of one soul finding its purpose. Thank you

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