Portrait Of Young African American Girl Jumping


Look at the energy of children: the skipping and the silent singing. They haven’t got a care in the world. Then take a look at the glum faces of adults. Where does all this energy disappear to from childhood to adulthood?

Adults are burdened with responsibility and worry because people’s freedoms are suppressed by society-at-large. Societal pressure and systems ensure that people have to follow the adult conventions such as get a car, get a home and try to pay for them. We end up traveling between different types of buildings trying to finance other buildings: going to the office in our car to pay for our home.

Grown-ups waste their energy by spending it on busyness not business. They spend too much of their efforts getting in a position to get something done, rather than doing that something. They justify and defend. They waste their energies on trivial things such as playing politics and worrying about the wrong things, for example, paying the mortgage.

Adults need to recapture the sheen of youth: not with cosmetics on the outside, but with energy on the inside. We need to find true motion, not just go through the motions. Children glow the most and have the most energy. To be energetic, adults must keep growing and learning too. The best way to create energy is to spend it.

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