3d Businessman With Magnify Glass

Life has a powerful and mysterious way of teaching us what we need to learn about ourselves and about living in this world.

Life is a classroom, but you already know that school is not the only place to learn. Life in this world is the best teaching environment for anyone. Whatever you go through on a daily basis, good or bad look at it as a learning experience, instead of complaining about bad situations, ask yourself: “What could have I done better? What could have I avoided?”The answers to these questions can prepare you for similar situations in your future. A problem can be a learning experience for you.

The old saying goes: “Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” In fact, life itself is filled with learning experiences, if we only look at those experiences properly and the knowledge required for growing beyond our given station in life.

I utilize a five step program for doing the knowledge. Those steps are: Learn to discern, learn to hear, learn to act, learn by example and avoid repeating the lesson.

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