Keith Roehm releases picture of daughter Bianca on life support after taking molly

Reports: Daily Mail

A Denver father says he’s been forced to watch his daughter be twice resuscitated and battle for her life after taking a sample of a tainted rave drug.

According to a Facebook post that has quickly gone viral with more than 17,000 shares, Keith Roehm said his daughter Bianca ended up in the hospital after attending an electronic dance music festival called Skylab at the Denver Coliseum on Sunday.

While there she took Molly, which he claimed was part of a ‘bad batch’ that had circulated and poisoned several other people at Sklab.

The 17-year-odl Denver East High School student is now in critical condition.

‘She is now on life support and going into renal failure. Her heartbeat was at 165 beats per minute and her temperature was at 108 degrees for 20 minutes,’ Roehm wrote.

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