Make Your Dream Come True


It is important to pay attention to your true destiny because you may believe that you are failing for other reasons, when the failure is simply destiny telling you that you are on the wrong path! Destiny is not something you create; it is something that you discover. Once you discover your purpose, your destiny, you have to align yourself with it or you could end up on a path of self-destruction.

There are few things worse than the feeling of failure. Failure directly attacks our ego, our sense of who we are in relation to the world. We feel impotent, inadequate, depressed, destroyed and isolated. The structures, pillars, the patterns of our life become shaken.

Failure can be experienced in many ways. A business can fail, you can lose your job, fail at school, under perform at work, get passed over for promotion, fail in love.

Most people don’t want to talk about it. Failure is the `f’ word: you don’t discuss it, you don’t go anywhere near a person infected by it (it may be contagious). You don’t even write about it: There are hundreds of books/ articles on success; hardly any on failure.

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