How To Instantly Destroy Fear And Build Self Confidence


This great idea has been in your head for months now, but you are afraid to act on it because you’re worried what your BFF will think. Really. Well, it’s time to grow a pair and take a stand!  Who cares what anyone else thinks!

First you have to get some confidence. Unfortunately, it is not on sale at GNC or any other retailer, but you can find it growing inside of you. Practice facing adversity. Watch “Shark Tank” or “Hell’s Kitchen,” shows that throw punches at everyday people. Watch how the ones that stand out, the winners, let insults bounce off their backs and stand their ground.

How do they do that? They come prepared, but they have also built a level of tolerance against embarrassment.

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  1. Teresa McCullough says

    Thank you gor sharing your advive though Im a youmg Srcitizen. Im going to use the greeting people by asking them whats their passion. I never would have thought of that to ask a stranger. Again Thank you

  2. Sherwin Arthur says

    Of late i have been feeling like i am on the brink of a BIG breakthrough in my life, then this morning i came into the studio and the first thing i can see on the Tele is you. I had to look you up and I’m very thankful that i did. I have only come to know you for five minutes and already you are an inspiration to me. THANK YOU!

  3. says

    Develop people skills. Ask people you don’t know what are their passions or greatest fears? Learn how to engage people and make them feel they matter. Imagine how amazing your customers will feel when they come to your business and you talk to them like an old friend.

    I don’t do a lot of talking, however, the above is something I believe I can handle.

    Thank you

  4. saheed ogunsakin says

    This is a vital ingredient or principle needed in any profession especially for any aspiring business owner.

  5. says

    Excellent tips! When I started my own business I had to meet new people ALL THE TIME. The one thing I realized is that most people are just as nervous as you are upon first meeting. Once I understood that we all tend to have the same experiences (we just handle them differently), being extremely social became a breeze!

  6. Mr. Kyle N. Wilson says

    I love reading your post man. Inspirational and uplifting. the articles are very informative and empowering….

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