Insecurities Scream Confidence Whispers

Confidence is the key to survival in today’s world. But too much can be as bad as too little. There must be a balance.

You have to believe in your own abilities and be sure that the road you have chosen to travel is the right one. Whether it’s the world of business or your personal life, self-confidence is a must.


Signs of a lack of confidence include a need to control everything and wearing designer clothes to prove your status. It’s a no brainer that that person will spend too much time and money hiding their lack of internal self-confidence. Wearing the trappings of success does not make you successful.

However, there is a fine line between confident and arrogant. Those with too much self-confidence won’t consider the feelings of others. An arrogant person isn’t open to learning because he or she always thinks that they are right, and they will easily dismiss another person’s viewpoints without a reason for the rejection.

Self-confidence is essential, but too much, or too little, is not cool.

Understand this: success builds from within. Here’s an example: Karen failed her driving test three times. At that time, she neither wanted to nor saw the need to drive. She was only learning to drive because her family and friends told her to. She really didn’t have the motivation inside to learn. Since she lived in a big city with ample public transportation, there never was the serious drive to pass or get her license. The point is that a potential disadvantage can be a motivational advantage. The need to get out and about would have motivated her. When she went to Africa, there was very little public transportation. In fact, what little was there was infrequent, unreliable and often dangerous. Ah! Now she had a reason, a motivation, and a need to be able to drive.

Without hesitation upon her return, she studies and passed her driving test on the first try.

Don’t do things just because someone told you that you should. Never follow social conventions or do something just because others think you should do it.

Focus on activities that are engaging and of interest to you. By pursuing goals and things that are personally meaningful and important to you, you will experience greater success. Don’t squander your potential doing things not worth your while.

To reach your greatest potential, you must pursue what is important to you. Success comes from within and not from the directions of others. Focus on doing things that you believe in. Success will come once you possess self-confidence and motivation, whether you start your own business or stay in the work force of others.

The right attitude can determine success or failure. Lazy people don’t even try. Pessimists expect the worst. Technophobes think that the Internet is too difficult to use. Anti-capitalists think that earning money is immoral.

Attitude has always been important, but now it is everything. Everything you need to be successful is accessible and there are seemingly limitless opportunities available. Attitude is all about action. Failure can only result from a lack of trying.

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