Vision Control and Self Management Concept


Whatever your profession–you will never be able to stand idle or underutilized. Dynamism is the new catchword and anyone who deals with the problem of constant upward mobility requires being ‘mentally fit’ to keep up. It isn’t enough to be merely ‘good’ at one’s work, field or trade; one requires excelling to make the difference. To do so, one has to be totally up to date with the latest that is happening in one’s chosen field.

The biggest issue faced by the people today–it is immaterial what your discipline happens to be or how old you are. Yesterday’s skill-set and yesterday’s knowledge has no value. One doesn’t have to be necessarily ‘with it’ but aware and current. You need mental aerobics and skill-set calisthenics to stay ‘in shape’ for the future. Doing this is not the easiest thing to do but one’s options are limited to progress moving forward.

It is not the high-tech world that is changing; it is the happening thing in every field and trade. New methodologies are shooting up in every area. Don’t become susceptible to obsolescence. Your need to stay ‘fit’ is far more urgent than anything else. What you learned in school or otherwise has little validity in today’s world of quantum leap changes.

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