Never Stop Trying

Each moment can change the rest of your life and the course of your direction. If you are not intentional with your actions, you will plan to fail. Successful people operate from the beat of their own drum, but they are intentional. Successful people don’t become successful by accident—it’s sheer, practical application. You have to do at least one thing toward your goal every single day. You have to dedicate yourself every day to doing what you love. Don’t just talk about it. Talk is cheap. You may have no concept where you want to be other than theory and that’s okay. You are guaranteed to get closer to your dreams, if you just walk forward and begin to question.

Let’s return to this concept of “work” once more. “Work” is doing what’s necessary to get to where you want to be. Doing what’s necessary and what needs to be done. Work hard, so you can play hard. When you keep trying to do something and it just doesn’t fit—problem after problem—then you’re doing something wrong. You can’t do anything unless you put “work” into it, but working in the wrong direction will always leave you unsatisfied and unfulfilled. You are likely to be broken financially and spiritually, when you’ve travelled thousands of miles in the wrong direction.

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