This Gift Called Me: Wings for One’s Spirit

An inspirational journey demonstrating that “You” are God’s greatest gift to this planet! You “are” this wondrous Gift called Me: that “Me” in the mirror that “You” see staring back at You! Uncover the greatness residing inside You!

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    Hello everyone!

    I am Vincent Alvin Quarterman, the author of This Gift Called Me: Wings for One’s Spirit.” It is of the utmost importance that we dig deeper into our spirits and uncover the greatness residing inside us. In life we may find that people (many of them them very close to us) will negatively lash out at us in an attempt to steal our joy, peace, and passion!

    This is where placing the utmost importance on uncovering our gifts and talents will aid us in wading through these negative storms and make us stronger. I read in a book once where the author posed a question to the readers. The question was: Where are some of the greatest treasures on Earth kept? The answer was the cemetery!

    All those gifts, talents, dreams, books, and masterpieces buried along with their owners. People just like you and me who may have wanted to give birth to their dreams and turn them into realities but…

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    Good to see you on Dr. Gray’s page. Dr. Gray has a true passion for the people. Dinner is still a must my old friend and fellow author! It’s amazing where life’s journey will take you! Good luck and best wishes on an excellent book.

    Your friend of 25+ years -Sean

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