Educate Yourself

Education and training is important; it’s the second component to “doing the knowledge.” And you have to have root knowledge, not branch knowledge. This means you can’t just skim the surface of a subject matter and suddenly become the master of it. Having a comprehensive knowledge requires digging deep, even if you are ahead of the game at the start with a bundle of natural skills for a particular subject. You can’t ever have too much knowledge, but you can have too little. And a little knowledge is usually dangerous. That’s when you’re likely to take too many uncalculated risks and enter a minefield ill-equipped.

Once you have defined your goals and vision, you have to learn what it takes to get there.

Study your chosen profession. You can acquire that knowledge in school or in life. Mentors and teachers come hugely in to play here. These are the people who can give you the information you need to move forward, especially at the start line. They often make for great cheerleaders, too.

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