Living in Las Vegas there is a euphoria and hype about “Luck”. Some people plan major live decisions around “Luck” such as getting married, pregnant women wanting to deliver on a “Lucky” day. Charms, trinkets, daubers, four-leaf clovers, a rabbit’s foot, triple sevens, lottery tickets, megabucks slot machines, card games have enthralled the young and old with the idea of a “Day” , “Thing” or “Game” bringing them luck.

The many facets of luck are as varied as those you ask their definition of success. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia provided some interesting insights to “Luck.”

• Luck as a placebo
• Numerology
• Idioms and sayings related to luck
• Luck in Scripture
• Lucky objects or occurrences
• Unlucky objects or occurrences
• Rituals of luck

The question is whether or not there is such a tangible thing called “luck”?

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