Get Things Done

THERE are many ways of making good in life and one of them is succeeding in one’s career. To accomplish this, there are ways of personality sprucing that can give anyone the edge. The key ‘C’ word is competence! If we can get on top of the challenge, the chances are that you will be able to max the never-ending exam of life!

Being really good or competent is more than having a particular strong area of ability. While it does mean knowing your job and doing it well, it also requires you to have the ability to be a MacGyver of solutions not only within the confines of your own area of expertise, but a regular ‘Fix-it-Fred’ or ‘Harriet-helpful’ type that prefers brains over brawn in order to solve desperate problems in every field! Even if you don’t know the answer or can’t do it yourself, you must know someone accessible, who does and who is available immediately! You need to solve the problem somehow, not point out that it is there. That anyone can do!

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