1. says

    Thanks for the Tyrese and Will smith motivational videos they really help. Iam stuck in a hard place but iam not giving up finished graduating from college but iam still making minimum wages this sucks but some money s etter than none. Goal is t own my Scrub and Uniform shop and make it world wide on the internet. I been a nurse aide for 20 years and I think and know there is a need for scrubs to fit right and wash and last longer. When you are plus size sometimes the unisex scrub pants don’t fit right when you are more fuller figured and the scrub tops cut off at the arm before your armpits ,and I always liked my scrub top sleeves to come to the bend of my arms and down to my elbows. I need money first and some kind of way to mass produce my scrub uniforms and a website uniform store and a uniform store in a major shopping mall. ” I CAN, I WILL, AND I MUST “.

  2. Marlon Bellefleur says

    Thank you for your time and messages. It has helped me in more ways than one. You will hear my name out there pretty soon. I promise…

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