World-renowned movie star, performer and producer Will Smith was asked once how he was able to stay fresh after decades in the business. He replied that he kept people around him that not only supported him and had his best interest at heart, they also challenged him.

goldfish jumping out of the water from a  crowded bowl

When it comes to business, that same attitude should be in place. Friends are friends outside the realm of business. But often some friends don’t have any business being inside the circle when it comes to your own company.

Don’t get it twisted. No one should go it completely alone. But you have to keep the right company.



  1. Connie Sosa says

    Great article! I wish I would have read it some time ago. In the last couple of years and rescently, I’ve had to drop a few toxic friendships that were adding stress and unnecessary drama to my life. I’ve always been a loyal and supportive friend and that is why it took me longet to finally drop them. It doesn’t meab that I hate them, it only means that I love myself and my peace of mind more!

  2. Zeba Pouamon says

    I really like all your motivations quotes for managing our own business and its really strengthen me so I will be glad to receive it by email. Thanks.

  3. Monique Albury says

    I love what you do and it touches many at the right moment. Continue what you’re doing! You’re saving lives.

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