Boss Watches Over Colleague During Meeting

Just as nothing gets built in a day, “self-made millionaires” don’t get made in a vacuum. I can’t reiterate enough the power and importance of finding a mentor to guide you and be a source of advice and encouragement. In fact, three things I want you to be thinking about starting today are my ABCs to preparing yourself for success:

1. A mentor and support group

2. A willingness to get uncomfortable

3. A winning attitude

Find and Mind the Mentor

A mentor is not someone who necessarily provides you with money. They supply you with something much more valuable than that time.

People often think that a mentor only equates with a means for money—someone who sets you up, hands over a lump sum like an angel investor and checks in with you once in a while to make sure you haven’t gambled it all away. Not so fast. Have you ever made $10? Have you ever spent $10? I take it you said yes to both. Okay, now have you ever made $100 and spent it? I’ll assume yes again. Clearly, you’ve made money and you’ve spent money. You can usually get your money back, but you can’t get back your time. How many of you can get that same 10 minutes that you had 10 minutes ago? The dispensation of time works differently than other tangible things.

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