The Difference Between A Ratchet Chick And A Black Girl Who Rocks


I can’t wait for the ratchet chick phase to end, so that women can go back to being women and ladies can reign supreme.

A lady takes pride in being everything that’s good while ratchet takes pride in being just the opposite.  Here are 8 major differences:

1. GOAL DIGGER – While ladies are often passionate about honing their skills in the kitchen, becoming better parents, researching self-improvement techniques and overall ways to add value to society, ratchet women tend to be passionate about all the wrong things. A ratchet is passionate about making sure she has just as much pink in her hair as she does blue. Ratchets know the words to every 2 Chainz song, while a successful woman knows the titles of many self-help books.


  1. Kirstin says

    I particularly love this article. Great advice for the ever weakening self worth some women feel. I hope the girls who need this read it.

  2. SILK says


  3. says

    I particularly like #8… I’ve noticed that a LOT of ratchet women seem to take issue with being alone… I have PERSONALLY been cussed out on a number of occasions BECAUSE I did not make myself available to come and ‘spend time’ with a ratchet… thus resulting in her having to spend time BY herself. (That should have been a red flag, as ONLY a person who doesn’t like them self would take issue with having to spend time WITH them self. smh…) I thought it was me, tripping… but after reading this article, I see it isn’t.
    Thanks for sharing….

  4. Andrea A. Johnson says

    Please continue to share and inspire women to grow and be beautiful in All walks of life….

  5. lisa says

    I know some ratchet women, wow are they a trip. I like to stay away, but at times I will try to show them a better way.

  6. Sherma Sandy says

    Great article. I love spending time for my self especially in summer I take a book or my success magazine and will go to the park early in the morning and read and listen to music. It helps me to start my day right at work or with my family. And if i”m home alone I enjoy turning or all electronics. I love the off button on my phone.

  7. Veronica Bourget says

    Well said & greatly appreciated! It sad to say that I encounter negativity & am miss judged by some WOMAN because of the way I carry myself. While most Men appreciate it a lot of Woman don’t.

  8. Mary says

    I found this article fascinating and very helpful. I am currently completing my last semester of my B.S. And going straight for my Masters. I have seen so many girls on this campus and not enough ambitious woman who don’t seek validation in other women or a thug. So many girls come here for the wrong reasons. I wish they would wake up and see what opportunities lay before them as undergrads. All they want to do is party, keep their nails done, their hair done, new clothes every week and where’s the money and time left over for their future? I believe strongly in this article and will print this out and post it around campus. I try to be very mindful of my self presentation especially as a senior these young freshman look up to us and I want to show them what a lady does. Majority of them were nvr taught at home and I have taken it upon myself the last three years to be the best example of an ambitious and matured woman who’s also a respectful lady. Thank you for this post this needs to be heard!

  9. dktexas says

    Love this article. Thanks for the shout outs to the “Queens” out here. Very encouraging. As I was reading I realize that some of this applies to some men as well.


  10. Maria says

    NICE. I LIKE. Thankfull to view ths site. I just realized when im around girls who are rached. Ill remind myself to just be myself. A LADY.

  11. erica says

    I lov,e love everything you write. You inspire hope and help prepare women and men for each other in a positive way. I look forward to hear more from you.

  12. Vernetta says

    Hi Farrah….
    You given spoken truth again. the Bad & Ugly arouses from the “Ratchet Chick.. Nothing calms them but drama! On the other hand, a real Lady definitely avoids foolishness and chaos; She thinks more of her self., always indulging in betterment of climbing the ladder to Success!

  13. Shannon Sellars says

    I really enjoyed this article in its entirety! I was born in the early seventies when respect, dignity,morals, values and just general concern about ones self and those amongst you! I can still hear: stand up straight hold your head high, shoulders back, chest out and repeat after me “I am somebody”! Work, work hard, mind your own business, save your money and ask no one for anything etc.” We weren’t allowed to daily visit our friends homes b/c as we were told you have your own , so stay in it. We didn’t get to run with every body, but only the ones who were approved from our family! All these things helped shape who and what I am today! A strong, confident, positive, helpful, caring, encouraging, praying, learning, growing, maturing, giving, secured, gentle, kind, slow to speak, honest, loyal, dependable woman of GOD! Whose being prepared for her king, abstaining from sex, to submit, help, pray, encourage and support his GOD given dreams|visions! I’m actually in the process of completing my BS in Management and Ethics in order to give back some of that good ole “Home Training” is one of my personal many passions! I truly believe if we help our girls|ladies|women learn & accept who & what they are it will help bring our Brothers back to their rightful place as Head of Household, establishing that much needed foundation for our families to stand and build on! We truly need one another: Man|Woman|Child in order to live and truly make this world a better place one person at a time:)!

  14. Lanita says

    I am so glad to read this article because in this world filled with ratchet females, I was assured that I am a lady, though I already Knew. I’m not as accomplished as I want to be in my career but I’m glad that someone can recognize and respect the actions/behaviors of real women. I’ve been called lame, boring, a square… but I would rather be all those things that ratchet

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